116th Congress (January 01, 2019 – Present)

January 15, 2018

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL16) introduces legislation related to Iranian sanctions. Read more about Iraq’s emerging post-ISIS government here.

Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC02) introduces legislation related to Saudi educational materials

January 08, 2018

Update: In a cloture vote the bill failed 58Y-44N to proceed for further consideration.

“Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019” has been placed on the Senate calendar. The bill emphasizes the destabilizing role of Iran in justifying a continued American security presence in the region.

January 03, 2018

The first legislation introduced by newly minted Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee seeks to put sanctions on those supporting Iranian actors in Syria. To read more about sanctions on Iran click here.

The first Gulf-related legislation in the 116th Congress, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX10) introduced a bill to impose additional human rights sanctions on Iran. To read more about sanctions on Iran click here.

115th Congress (January 01, 2017- December 31, 2018)

December 19, 2018

Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Ed Markey introduced “The No Nuclear Weapons for Saudi Arabia Act” that requires House and Senate approval for any nuclear technology agreement with KSA, and demands Riyadh to release details of Jamal Khashoggi‘s murder. Read more about Saudi nuclear program and nuclear proliferation in the Gulf region and Greater Middle East here.

December 13th, 2018

Moments after having passed SJRes54, the Senate in a voice-vote approved a measure formally placing blame on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for several perceived missteps. To read more about the efforts taken by Congress in response to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi click here.

On December 13th, 2018 the House passed its annual ‘Farm Bill.’ The legislation is relevant to the Gulf insofar as a last-minute clause was added that will prevent the House from debating any bill invoking the War Powers Resolution in regards to Yemen during the 115th Congress. Read more about this clause here.

After being tabled in March 2018, the Senate reversed course and advanced a bill evoking the War Powers Resolution in order to curtail United States assistance in the ongoing War in Yemen. Read more about the status of Yemen negotiations here. The bill was passed by the Senate on December 13th, 2018 by a 56-41 margin.

December 12, 2018

A bill introduced by Rep. Ileana Ross-Lehtinen in April 2017 has been agreed to without objection in the House of Representatives. Read more about religious pluralism in the Gulf here.

December 11th, 2018

Upon approval in both chambers, President Trump signed into law H.R 390, in order to combat injustice against minorities in Iraq and Syria. To read more about religious pluralism in the Gulf click here.